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Francisco Nieves
Francisco Nieves - C

Team: Wisconsin Badgers [ID #38] Bookmark Wisconsin Badgers

Location: Madison, WI (Midwest)

Conference: III.2 [Division 1]

President: electriceel883 send message
          [since June 07th 2021 | last seen June 14th 2024]

Coach: Glenn Vickers

Arena: Kohl Center

Rank: #19

Rating: 304.76 - Overall Position: #37

Fan Mood: 130.52

Alumni Mood: 229.15

Prestige: 162

Team Notes:

• Feb 19 2039: 2-star prospect Keith Carlin committed.
• Feb 17 2039: 2-star prospect Dwight Bloom committed.
• Feb 10 2039: 3-star prospect Aaron Berg committed.
• Dec 11 2038: 3-star prospect Ivan Davidović committed.
• Jun 29 2038: Leonard Hornsby was signed as a free agent by Minnesota.
• Jun 29 2038: Ricardo Archuleta was drafted round #1, pick #8 by San Antonio.
• Mar 14 2038: Made the national tournament field.
• Jan 07 2038: 2-star prospect Lester McLaughlin committed.
• Dec 17 2037: 3-star prospect Bill Thomson committed.
• Dec 17 2037: 4-star prospect Greg Hanlon committed.


Wins: 30 Losses: 7 Pct: .811     Conf Wins: 21 Conf Losses: 6 Conf Pct: .778 Conf Rank: 3     Last10: 7-3 Streak: W4

Pts Ave: 93.2 - 78.6     Pts Diff: +14.6     Team Power Index: 150.1

Press Releases:

Jan 21 2038: Busting the Zone - by electriceel883 on April 9th, 2024

Today at the Kohl Center, SUNY Plattsburgh was in Man-to-Man just 1% of the time with 82.4% in Zone. I dont recall my team ever scoring 142 points in a game. Or a margin of victory of 73 points, with SUNYP connecting on 34.3% of their 3P. We collected 59 rebounds and shot 27-29 at the charity stripe.

Nov 21 2037: Revenge on the Rips - by electriceel883 on March 23rd, 2024

We finally got the W after three straight losses, two of them humiliating 35 point setbacks. This time we knocked down 12-27 3's, led by Archuleta of all people. He wasnt very good that first season, then mediocre to semi-ok. He has managed to shoot better so far this season. In other news we also beat WI-SUP, who had won 2 of the previous 3. So a loss to Marquette but 3 of 4 overall against the rivals. Had a few rinky dink injuries this season but we are in good shape overall. Going to try to make a push to promote

Nov 22 2036: Work to do - by electriceel883 on January 27th, 2024

We started the season projected near the top, and our rivals have brought us down to earth. An 8 point comeback after halftime yielded an epic OT match in the "Jack Conner Cup" that we fell short in, 116-114, despite perhaps Rico Suaves best game as a collegian, 25 pts/15 rebounds, 30 from Hornsby and 5 players with at least 14. It was the 3 ball that killed us 5 shots made vs. 15. The non conference season closed with a lopsided loss in the "Brett Pavone Jabron Jamboree" to the colossally powerful Rips. A large halftime deficit was impossible to close and they shot nearly 60% in our house. It wasnt a total rake, we did manage to squeak out an 87-84 win in the "Dion Robinson Cup", playing defense for once, in the icy confines of Milwaukee, the only game on the road (which is what makes this so frustrating). We had not one but two Lake Woebegon Classics, sending the Lutherans fleeing back to wherever it is they go. If we want to have a prayer of competing for a title, we have lots of work to do

Oct 31 2035: Memorable 2036 Conner Cup - by electriceel883 on November 27th, 2023

If a player has scored more than 45 for us in a game, or as a team scored more than 133 I dont recall it. That it happened in a rivalry game on the road is the best though. 47 rebounds, 64.5% shooting. WOW. Makinen was a little angry about possibly being viewed as a backup G and showed it on the court. He has the green light this season and is on GO

Apr 03 2034: Howell has something to say on our way down - by electriceel883 on September 21st, 2023

"Suck it!!! Brockport, Canton, Pittsburgh-Johnstown, Misericordia, you could have HAD me, but no one in the Northeast Region believed in me!!! Now I am an All-Conference Center!!!!" - New York City native Robert Howell. When asked about his goals for the 2035 season: "Lift us up where we belong? Where the eagles cry? On a mountain high?" When asked why he wasnt signed locally, an anonymous source said: "It was Joe Cocker. He likes Joe Cocker"