Code of Conduct

With respect to the website there are certain activities that are forbidden:
  • Cheating of any kind.
  • Attempting to hack or otherwise modify or disable the site.
  • Scanning the site, using of web-based data mining tools, "crawler bots", or any other software designed to mine data or use our bandwidth intensively.
  • Using this site for outside commercial purposes.
  • Violating the Terms of Use
In the forum and the site mail, you must follow our rules of conduct. The following is not permitted:
  • Cheating of any kind.
  • Anything that is not appropriate for audiences of all-ages.
  • Use of swear or use profane language.
  • Posting provoking or threatening messages (aka trolling).
  • Posting anything that shows blatant disrespect of other people.
  • Posting anything that insults or demeans the administrator or the game. It's an entirely free game, if you don't like it, you don't have to play.
  • Posting racist, sexist or bigoted comments.
  • Posting illicit or pornographic material or images.
  • Posting copyrighted materials or images.
  • Posting links to sites not related to the game or that have material that would otherwise be unacceptable for the general game audience.
  • Engaging in political and religious discussions (please save those for the appropriate sites).
  • Accusing other of cheating (except in private mails to the administrator).
  • Excessive thread bumping.
  • Sending bulk or unsolicited messages indiscriminately (aka spamming).
  • Conducting commercial activity without prior consent.
  • Gambling or betting using any real or virtual currency (i.e. bitcoin).
  • Engaging in any illegal activity.
With respect to custom name, mascots and logos, the following additional requirements must be adhered to:
  • No blatant violation of copyright.
  • All custom values must be basketball related and in the spirit of the game.
  • Names must be appropriate for all ages and devoid of profane or offensive language.
  • Custom logo images must be clean and representative of the team mascot. Also, all images must be 200 x 200 pixels and in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.
Violating any of these rules can result in you account being removed from the site.