Online College Basketball

Hardwood is an online strategic management game and computer basketball simulation that lets you control your own college basketball program. Recruit players, watch them grow and improve and then control their game time decisions. Each programs competes against other programs at their level with the winners promoting up a pyramid of conferences and the losers dropping down. Additionally, there are conference and national title tournaments at the end of each season to cap off your season of success.

Jimmy, Hardwood Online College Basketball Mascot
  • Hardwood is entirely free!

  • It's around the clock, so you can manage your team online 24 hours a day. Basketball games are simulated constantly and with a schedule of 50 games per season, there is always another game coming right up.

  • The game engine is quite advanced and provides realistic basketball results and requires in depth tactical play. The overall game design requires you to make long term strategic decision, yet is simple enough that it's not an all consuming endeavor.

  • Hardwood has Jimmy!

Hardwood Online College Basketball (OCB) launched in 2018 and is always growing and expanding. Starting with initial beta testing in late 2017 the number of managed teams as swelled to almost 800!

Now simulated 940,086 games and counting!