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Zack Shell
Zack Shell - SG

Team: Moravian Greyhounds [ID #999] Bookmark Moravian Greyhounds

Location: Bethlehem, PA (Northeast)

Conference: VI.32 [Division 3]

President: OjolDriver send message
          [since January 02nd 2024 | last seen June 13th 2024]

Coach: Peter Robertson

Arena: Johnston Hall

Rating: 42.25 - Overall Position: #722

Fan Mood: 90.49

Alumni Mood: 101.05

Prestige: 54

Team Notes:

• Feb 10 2039: 3-star prospect Buck De Rosa committed.
• Jan 27 2039: 3-star prospect Tyrone Cross committed.
• Jan 08 2039: 3-star prospect Keon Douglass committed.
• Feb 13 2038: 2-star prospect Dan Meyer committed.
• Jan 30 2038: 2-star prospect Ernie Lemon committed.
• Feb 12 2037: 3-star prospect Zack Shell committed.
• Nov 27 2036: 2-star prospect Mark Sales committed.
• Nov 05 2036: 3-star prospect Graham Cole committed.
• Nov 01 2036: 2-star prospect Darrin Florence committed.
• Aug 28 2036: Lincoln Phillips was hired as the new assistant coach.


Wins: 22 Losses: 15 Pct: .595     Conf Wins: 16 Conf Losses: 11 Conf Pct: .593 Conf Rank: 7     Last10: 7-3 Streak: W2

Pts Ave: 63.1 - 63.9     Pts Diff: -0.8     Team Power Index: 125.6

Press Releases:

Feb 14 2037: Moravian Introduces Its Latest Class - by OjolDriver on February 21st, 2024

"I'm happy to announce that our recruiting is finally complete," said a beaming Coach Robertson. "Shell and Cole will be our future stars, while Sales and Florence will be solid contributors. Yes, all of them are still pretty raw, but we will let them play as much as they can. These kids are, without doubt, one of the best class to arrive in Bethlehem lately."

When reminded that the Greyhounds has actually landed 5* and 4* recruits just recently, the coach get a little bit flustered and replied, "Well, basketball is a team sports. Remember that, TEAM sports. You can recruit the best player in the nation, but if you surround him with stiffs and scrubs, it's just a waste of talents. Look at the team's records with those so-called superstars. This is a very good class. Don't you dare questioning that." And with that, Coach Robertson stormed out of the press room.

Oct 02 2036: New President, The Real Savior, or Another Crazy Failure? - by OjolDriver on January 13th, 2024

"Hello there, Greyhounds fans. Yes, I'm supposed to be the one that will guide your team back to relevance, after years of gross mismanagement that's borderline criminal," said Moravian's new president OjolDriver in his first press conference.

"Yes, we have a grand strategy, detailed five year plan, bla bla bla. But make no mistake, our team will still be bad for a while. In fact, I projected we will only be back to Division 1 by 2043."

"What's that? You ask why so long? Dude, your team sucks real bad", said the president irritably. "I mean, your team marched steadily from D1 to D3. How much worse can it get? Suck it up and stop being crybabies. What's 5 or 6 more seasons of suffering? You all should be inured to it by now. Just stock up on those paper bags to cover your faces."

"Any more questions? No? Good. Now I need to get back to work," said the president as he left hurriedly from the room.