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Deandre Finley
Deandre Finley - PF

Team: Thomas College Terriers [ID #958] Bookmark Thomas College Terriers

Location: Waterville, ME (New England)

Conference: V.16 [Division 2]

President: DLS send message
          [since April 05th 2024 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Coach: Robbie Goss

Arena: Mahaney Gymnasium

Rating: 78.09 - Overall Position: #460

Fan Mood: 119.32

Alumni Mood: 70.95

Prestige: 66

Team Notes:

• Oct 20 2038: Kip Pyle was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Oct 20 2038: Assistant coach Brandon Baxter was let go.
• Oct 16 2038: Robin Thorn was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Oct 16 2038: Assistant coach Raul Ortega was let go.
• Oct 14 2038: Brandon Baxter was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Oct 14 2038: Assistant coach Jarrod Goebel was let go.
• Oct 07 2038: Tony Rivera was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Oct 07 2038: Assistant coach Mason Wilhelm was let go.
• Sep 02 2038: Promoted to conference V.16.
• Sep 02 2038: Raul Ortega was hired as the new assistant coach.


Wins: 1 Losses: 14 Pct: .067     Conf Wins: 1 Conf Losses: 4 Conf Pct: .200 Conf Rank: 14     Last10: 1-9 Streak: L3

Pts Ave: 57.3 - 87.7     Pts Diff: -30.3     Team Power Index: 135.1

Press Releases:

Mar 18 2038: Welcome Coach Goss - by DLS on April 27th, 2024

Robbie Goss has joined the basketball program as head coach. President DLS said"He will give us strength at either end of the court and will also aid with future recruiting."

Mar 18 2038: Coach Simms shown door - by DLS on April 27th, 2024

The school and coach Simms have decided to part ways. President DLS said"I thank Will for his years of service but what we really need now is a bit more recruiting panache."

Mar 14 2038: Under the carpet - by DLS on April 26th, 2024

Head coach Simms appeared to sweep last nights loss in the conference playoff final under the carpet when he said "we continually shot ourselves in the foot with abysmal shooting fom anywhere in the building. I began to wonder if our guys could make a one on none layup or whether they would botch that as well. Anyway we are forgetting about that and looking forward to the tournament and level V next season." It is rumoured that President DLS is far from happy and coach Simms may be looking for a job quite soon.

Mar 06 2038: title - by DLS on April 22nd, 2024

The boys won our conference with a big 40 point win over Christian Brothers last night and DLS said "Its onwards and upwards from here."

Feb 27 2038: Promotion - by DLS on April 20th, 2024

Despite a couple of recent setbacks we have earned promotion to division v after a hard fought 2 point win over Alabama tonight. When asked for a comment the president said "I like to surround myself with winners!"