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Al Cooper
Al Cooper - SG

Team: Saint Mary's Minnesota Cardinals [ID #847] Bookmark Saint Mary's Minnesota Cardinals

Location: Winona, MN (Midwest)

Conference: VI.32 [Division 3]

President: None

Coach: Rob Fry

Arena: Saint Mary's Gym

Rating: 29.03 - Overall Position: #903

Fan Mood: 60.90

Alumni Mood: 84.25

Prestige: 78

Team Notes:

• Mar 05 2039: Removed ht.2300 as president.
• Dec 30 2038: Hired ht.2300 as president.
• Dec 04 2038: Removed Top_G_Cayden as president.
• Oct 07 2038: Hired Top_G_Cayden as president.
• Apr 05 2038: 1-star prospect Mario Morelli committed.
• Apr 05 2038: 2-star prospect Brett Diggs committed.
• Mar 14 2038: 1-star prospect Al Cooper committed.
• Mar 12 2038: Removed JMBBBBB as president.
• Jan 29 2037: 2-star prospect Gene Harkins committed.
• Dec 25 2036: Hired JMBBBBB as president.


Wins: 5 Losses: 36 Pct: .122     Conf Wins: 4 Conf Losses: 26 Conf Pct: .133 Conf Rank: 16     Last10: 2-8 Streak: L6

Pts Ave: 58.1 - 83.0     Pts Diff: -24.9     Team Power Index: 113.9

Press Releases:

Feb 11 2012: 2013 Class Taking Shape - by naph on April 21st, 2020

SMM are pleased to announce the signing of a pair of JuCo talents to bring their class of 2013 signings to 3.

Donnie Foley (6'7" 2* JuCo PF/C)
- Will bring some welcome length to the roster. He does things a big man should and will be a contributor from day 1.

John Little (6'4½" 3* JuCo SG/SF)
- With an impressive 6'10¼" wingspan and skillset we have expectations for him to play at SF from day 1.

Conner Kellogg (6'2" 3* Sr PF?)
- Conner is late bloomer, but has a lot of potential. Not sure he will ever reach his projected height of 6'7". Definitely a red-shirt candidate. Can see him being a catch-and-shoot wing that is hopefully a 3-and-D guy before he graduates.

* Edit: And the ink is now drying on
Donald Loyd (6'2½" 4* Sr SF?)
A very perimeter oriented player as per Kellogg he is a red-shirt candidate. Smarts and Speed are his current strengths but he will need some time to fill out his game before becoming a regular contributor.

On the court it has been a frustrating season. 6 conference losses have come by 5 points or less. 3 more by under 10 including both games against Texas A&M. The inability to convert enough of those close games looks like it will result in demotion back to division 2 next season. With our last 5* player graduating at the end of the season that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Oct 06 2011: SMM had 2 top 10 picks! - by naph on March 13th, 2020

A big congratulations goes out to Solomon Easter (#4, top SI in the draft) and Blake Callahan (#7, 2nd PG taken).

You leave a huge legacy, instrumental in getting us promoted to Division 1 last season. The SMM alumni will forever be grateful for your contributions to the program.

Mar 03 2011: Help Wanted - by naph on March 1st, 2020

If anybody has any idea on how we managed to get three 5-star guys in the same class, the new President of Saint Mary's would love to find out. The bad news is they all graduate shortly and the cupboard is pretty bare behind them. God help us if we promote.

Head Coach Henry Preston had this to say. "I can coach them once they are here, develop them a bit, but I have zero contacts and no personal skills that translate to the next generation. Please. Send Help."