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Charles Holmes
Charles Holmes - SG

Team: Northeastern State RiverHawks [ID #512] Bookmark Northeastern State RiverHawks

Location: Tahlequah, OK (Plains)

Conference: VI.6 [Division 3]

President: None

Coach: Conner Duvall

Arena: NSU Event Center

Rating: 74.81 - Overall Position: #462

Fan Mood: 79.31

Alumni Mood: 141.30

Prestige: 42

Team Notes:

• Feb 21 2037: 2-star prospect Igor Olszewski committed.
• Feb 12 2037: 2-star prospect Kenan Demirović committed.
• Feb 07 2037: 2-star prospect Mario Forbes committed.
• Jan 24 2037: 2-star prospect Casey Morrison committed.
• Dec 11 2036: 2-star prospect Del Holland committed.
• Dec 04 2036: 2-star prospect Luis Gutierrez committed.
• Aug 28 2036: Donald Patterson was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Aug 28 2036: Gary Kilgore was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Aug 28 2036: Kyle Worrell was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Aug 28 2036: Assistant coach Donny Ainsworth was let go.


Wins: 17 Losses: 25 Pct: .405     Conf Wins: 14 Conf Losses: 16 Conf Pct: .467 Conf Rank: 11     Last10: 7-3 Streak: L1

Pts Ave: 61.0 - 69.1     Pts Diff: -8.1     Team Power Index: 130.7

Press Releases:

Dec 24 2033: Building Era - by JAY-AUSTON on August 22nd, 2023

I don't know I said before that I didn't know what to expect and that it probably wasn't gona be much but I take that back,the teams done well as of late improved to 5-9 now on a 4 game win streak and,honestly I'm quite impressed and I hope that they can keep it up.

Mar 01 2031: Win one at a time - by HerbieHusker0709 on March 28th, 2023

Northeastern State knows what they have to do to make the tournament. It's clear win the conference tournament and you are in. They're going to have to stay healthy and win 1 game at a time to win the conference.

Jan 16 2031: Fallen Off - by HerbieHusker0709 on March 14th, 2023

Northeastern started the season 7-0 in conference play since then they are 3-7 over their last ten games and in their last game, they barely beat a below-average Black Hills team by 1.