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Brian Rowell
Brian Rowell - SG

Team: DePaul Blue Demons [ID #32] Bookmark DePaul Blue Demons

Location: Chicago, IL (Central)

Conference: VI.18 [Division 3]

President: therelabeef send message
          [since April 03rd 2022 | last seen November 28th 2022]

Coach: Stuart Butler

Arena: Wintrust Arena

Rating: 82.70 - Overall Position: #442

Fan Mood: 114.94

Alumni Mood: 125.55

Prestige: 108

Team Notes:

• Jan 20 2029: 3-star prospect Thomas Ryder committed.
• Dec 14 2028: 3-star prospect Nate Altman committed.
• Dec 09 2028: 3-star prospect Walt Fukunishi committed.
• Nov 01 2028: 2-star prospect Sammy Cole committed.
• Aug 31 2028: Demoted to conference VI.18.
• Mar 11 2028: 4-star prospect Brant Eason committed.
• Oct 07 2027: Jeff Sexton was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Oct 07 2027: Assistant coach Fred Voss was let go.
• Oct 07 2027: Frank Cross was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Oct 07 2027: Joshua Reich was hired as the new assistant coach.


Wins: 21 Losses: 11 Pct: .656     Conf Wins: 15 Conf Losses: 7 Conf Pct: .682 Conf Rank: 4     Last10: 7-3 Streak: W2

Pts Ave: 83.3 - 67.9     Pts Diff: +15.3     Team Power Index: 149.1

Press Releases:

Feb 01 2029: Underperforming - by therelabeef on November 27th, 2022

Depaul has one of the highest TPI's in d3. That being said, we are struggling more than we thought in our conference. We are 4th right now in conference and president "there la beef" is looking for solutions. I decided to stick with the identity of Depaul ever since I took over this program. Depaul has been known for it's huge point guards ever since I have become president. Frank Cross for example was a 6'9 big, a hardwood favorite, who I decided to implement at PG. What happened? Frank Cross went on to be Conference Player of the Year twice, leading us to a d3 conference championship and taking Depaul to its first d3 tourney in a long time. He eventually got drafted and is carving out a solid career for himself going back to mostly playing PF in the NBA. So for our upcoming game against Dickinson, I decided to implement Jonathon Thomason, our 6'8 starting center at PG. UPDATE: 26 points and 10 boards while leading us to victory and getting POTG

Oct 28 2028: New Rivalry and Old Rivalry - by therelabeef on October 30th, 2022

The Depaul Blue Demons are 4-0 this season and are currently ranked #11 in D3. They have the second highest TPI and are already looking like contenders for the national d3 championship. They do have a big test in D1 Milikin coming up, a new rival picked up this offseason from Illinois. Milikin is also 4-0 and this game could prove how could this Blue Demon Team really is. One of our 4 victories was against Utah Valley, our biggest rival. We dropped them off by 40 led by our Sophmore pg Don "Quijote" Grant and GTA Cain, the senior captain. The money line for tommorows game vs Miliken is -3.5 with Miliken projected to win because of home court advantage. Hopefully GTA Cain and Big Country can solve out this tough opponent

Apr 01 2028: Invitational 34 - by therelabeef on October 19th, 2022

Depaul is proud to announce that they have won invitational 34! This gives us some momentum heading down to d3. We are looking to be title contenders there next season

Mar 11 2028: Brant - by therelabeef on October 13th, 2022

Depaul locks up senior 4 star guard, Brant Eason. He is the highest ranked talent to commit to Depaul since therelabeef got hired as President. I just know he will have a fine career as a Blue Demon and will help our team significantly next season

Feb 10 2028: Ahead - by therelabeef on October 4th, 2022

The Demons on paper, look like a struggling D2 team, who has been on and off throughout the season. But if you look closer, you may see that they are ahead of many teams in the conference. Our recruiting is looking stronger than ever, with Depaul looking to bring in a 4 star this year, and multiple great players next year. Depaul also has got a jump start and 2 13 POT players in the Sophmore class. Also, Depaul does not have one senior on the roster right now. This means if we demote, it is going to look really bad for other d3 teams in our conference next year. Right now our starting lineup consists of 3 Juniors, a Freshman and a Sophmore, With 2 Juniors playing off the bench including 1 Freshman getting some minutes too. Add the 4 star Depaul is looking to grab, Brant Eason and Depaul could bring their first ever championship home to Chicago next year