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Warren Jefferson
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Team: Southern Illinois Salukis [ID #222] Bookmark Southern Illinois Salukis

Location: Carbondale, IL (Central)

Conference: III.3 [Division 1]

President: dcampeanu send message
          [since December 21st 2020 | last seen March 28th 2023]

Coach: Hal Shepard

Arena: SIU Arena

Rating: 270.55 - Overall Position: #48

Fan Mood: 111.50

Alumni Mood: 137.10

Prestige: 108

Team Notes:

• Feb 22 2031: 3-star prospect Jamie Pettersson committed.
• Jan 23 2031: 3-star prospect Nolan Chapman committed.
• Dec 28 2030: 3-star prospect Patrick Vernon committed.
• Aug 29 2030: Neal Tucker was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Aug 29 2030: Hal Shepard was appointed as the new head coach.
• Aug 29 2030: Jamie Whitaker was fired as head coach.
• Jun 25 2030: Marvin Hay was drafted round #1, pick #26 by Indiana.
• Mar 10 2030: Made the national tournament field.
• Nov 24 2029: 3-star prospect Danny Hanson committed.
• Oct 27 2029: 3-star prospect Elvis Gossett committed.


Wins: 25 Losses: 16 Pct: .610     Conf Wins: 17 Conf Losses: 13 Conf Pct: .567 Conf Rank: 8     Last10: 5-5 Streak: L1

Pts Ave: 76.9 - 71.9     Pts Diff: +4.9     Team Power Index: 148.4

Press Releases:

Nov 30 2028: HW - by dcampeanu on November 9th, 2022

Excellent game! Thanks Steve, you did a great job.
But in my opinion, the turnovers formula doesn't work good and maybe something has to be changed.
In my match against Illinois Wesleyan I have been shocked when I saw the turnovers rate between the two teams.
With all my respect from my opponent, I consider that my players are better to the turnovers skills than my opponent players, but the stats of the game looked horrible for my team.
So I will not try to make tactics and technical strategies for the matches anymore and to only glad by the game.