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Henry Richards
Henry Richards - PG

Team: Mitchell Mariners [ID #1005] Bookmark Mitchell Mariners

Location: New London, CT (New England)

Conference: V.16 [Division 2]

President: Rradley903 send message
          [since December 30th 2021 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Coach: Garry Dobson

Arena: Yarnall Athletic Center

Rating: 129.96 - Overall Position: #247

Fan Mood: 91.64

Alumni Mood: 103.50

Prestige: 54

Team Notes:

• Dec 02 2038: 3-star prospect Chase Sturgeon committed.
• Nov 17 2038: 3-star prospect Keyshawn Cotton committed.
• Nov 10 2038: 3-star prospect Stan Wenger committed.
• Oct 30 2038: 3-star prospect Mario Downs committed.
• Sep 02 2038: Demoted to conference V.16.
• Sep 03 2037: Erik Hughes was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Sep 03 2037: Assistant coach Van Gann leaves to pursue head coaching opportunities.
• Apr 06 2037: Glenn Stevens was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Apr 06 2037: Assistant coach Colton Gibson was let go.
• Feb 12 2037: 3-star prospect Billy Joe Hager committed.


Wins: 5 Losses: 10 Pct: .333     Conf Wins: 2 Conf Losses: 3 Conf Pct: .400 Conf Rank: 10     Last10: 5-5 Streak: W1

Pts Ave: 77.1 - 81.1     Pts Diff: -4.0     Team Power Index: 138.7

Press Releases:

Feb 04 2038: The Mitchell Mariner - Press Release due Immediately - by Rradley903 on April 13th, 2024

President Rradley903 watched, and watched, and watched. Southern Mississippi's Seth Strand makes his 2 freethrows, and Tony Samuel has been DQ'ed for too many fouls. Garry Dobson did not show up to the post-game press conference. President of Mitchell manned the mic instead.
There would be no questions. Rradley903 made that clear by staring intently at anyone who raised their hand, until they put it down to which he nodded, approving the motion. Then he spoke. "40 to 6," the media's eyes darted around, not knowing what to do. "3 players fouled out, 3. The Golden Eagles went 4 for 25 from 3, we got ripped 28 times. 28. They shot 40 freethrows. Are you serious? We got 6. You genuinely think we had a true 28 turnovers? Big Hardwood won this one fellas."

Jan 07 2038: Mitchell Misery - by Rradley903 on April 5th, 2024

After a double-digit loss to the Coe Kohawks, the Mariners continue their slide to demotion with no hope in sight. To add to the misfortune, the Mariners lost all 3 of their prospective recruiting battles. "It's a real shame what some of these schools do to get these kids," started long-time assistant Art Pollock. "We give these kids a real college experience. Now all these schools just give them luxury cars, Gucci flip-flops, and their pick of beautiful Latina women. 'Connecticut College' and 'Assumption' are cosmetology schools masquerading as big-time college programs. These kids will find out one way or another that the Mitchell Motion is not transitive. The Mariner's do not stumble, they are tripped. Big Hardwood knows who they are, we are coming regardless." Pollock then remarked he was going to the S.S. Mariner Yacht for a recruiting party where there would be no recruits.

Mar 28 2037: 2036-37 Season Mitchell Mariner Finale - by Rradley903 on March 5th, 2024

Mitchell, after getting "screwed" by the selection committee, goes 1-2 in its invitational pod losing 76-54 to Baylor. "We had some new blood injected into the starting line-up. A+ blood, the best blood. But we know the body has to get used to it." Stated Head Coach Garry Dobson after a 4th place finish in conference and conference tournament runner-up placement. "We got some new Louis Vuitton coming in next year, everybody get their fake gucci off, cause we inspectin' nahm sayin."

Mitchell also has brought on recently fired Wisconsin-Inferior "Dirty" Harry Mancuso as a "special analyst". He will work with the recruiting process. "They don't call him 'Dirty' for nothing!"

Mar 14 2037: Little Hardwood's Champion - by Rradley903 on February 29th, 2024

As the buzzer blared, Garry Dobson could only watch as senior center Hector Burns dropped in the basket to clinch the game against the #1 seeded Colby Mules in the conference semi-finals. The Mariner faithful who traveled to 'Conference Playoff Arena', a place of joy and agony, went absolutely berserk, storming the court and throwing batteries at the Mules players.

The celebration tipped Richter Scales miles away, shaking the chandelier over conference I.1's pearly glass coliseum where they hold their own conference tournament. The coaches and presidents of the stadium shivered for they knew what must have occurred. The Mariners had won.

The crowd and players began chugging their flasks they had kept in their boots and their waistbands. Dobson was even seen smoking a cigar while he cut the nets. Once it settled, reporters asked the Head coach "What's your gameplan for La Tech tomorrow?", to which he replied, "What?"

Mar 12 2037: Mariner Madness - by Rradley903 on February 28th, 2024

Your mighty Mitchell Mariners have won their 1st round conference tournament game against Texas State, the team whom defeated Mitchell in their final regular season game. "That get back a MF," stated 63-year-old head coach Garry Dobson. "If hardwood knew what was good for them, Mitchell would be in the tournament. East Tennessee State is 27-14 and played 1 team in non-con. I.1 merchant. St. Mary's is 6th in their conference. Really? Meanwhile, our gauntlet of a conference has only teams on the bubble? Quite silly if I say so myself. Big Hardwood in plain sight."

"I can only apologize to my fellow conference members for being in the same conference as the Mariners. Your association with this team has caused Big Hardwood to damage your resume, as the Mariners can never be good, and being 4th in the conference is a smudge caused by us that cannot be overlooked by the Cabal."